The New Old

The homeowners, a young couple and their evolving family, sought to adapt the mix of rooms to their needs and transform the closed and dark apartment into an open, inviting, bright space. By redistributing the entire space, we were able to create an open-plan kitchen and living room, an extra bedroom for the children and an extra bathroom for the master bedroom. Our design choices were kept in an airy, delicate line with a vintage touch. Clean but rich in textures and small details. The new space division forced us to fearlessly step out of the box and make a significant change. The retaining walls of the house were removed and replaced with massive iron beams that were deployed in the central space and became a leading element in the design. The exposed iron presence along with the rich wooden floor, surprising color choices and wise textured combinations created a contemporary space that counterbalances old and new.

Photography: Hagar Doppelt

Main Materials