Templer Contemporary

The house was designed for a young family. The key requirement was a fluid plan that could change over time according to the needs of the growing family, allowing different uses of the space and its room relations, connection and separation. With this requirement in mind, the house is designed to be divided into levels, half floors, with each level functioning as a separate area whose union or division of spaces can transform. The entrance level contains all the common functions of the home – the living room, the kitchen and the dining area, which are open to each other yet well defined. The bedrooms and workspaces are split into three separate levels, connected by a floating flight of stairs that allows infiltration of southern sunrays into the house and a constant direct connection between all levels. The quiet and neutral material palette is ready to receive any content that will be poured into it over the years, ranging over the various shades of stone which are all present on the home floor.

Photography: Elad Gonen

Main Materials