Royal City View

It all started with an accidental encounter in the elevator that took us up to the 20th floor to one empty apartment, full of potential. The spectacular cityscape captured our hearts immediately, it was clear that the new design must emphasize the scenery and at the same time reflect the unique character of the beautiful homeowner, laden with decorations and colors. The design quietly combines many textures and materials that are all blended into a harmonious, rich and upscale feel. Each corner of the space has been meticulously tailored to its needs with custom furniture, unique lighting fixtures, and carpentry details specifically designed for the storage and display units. The bedroom was designed as a kingdom by itself, combined with bold wall coverings and carpentry units in a delicate line and together with the bathroom adjacent to it, transmits power and bursting femininity, just like the landlady.

Photography: Hagar Doppelt

Main Materials