Stone Warm Villa

The homeowners wanted a home that would accompany them easily into their elderly age, host friends and family, and swim in the pool each evening. They knew that the new home must echo past memories with contemporary cleanliness. The planning process started from the wide inner courtyard which all common home spaces are located around: the living room, the kitchen and the main dining area. Each of the functions overlooks the courtyard through stone pillars and wide openings, introducing the exterior yet hidden from the front street. The bedrooms are preserving their privacy, and each boasts a bathroom which is a new surprise. The choice of materials in this project with its many details and shades defines the inviting nature of the house, maintaining harmony and warmth and remaining true to the nature of the materials. The green kitchen is viewed from every corner of the house, bringing a touch of playfulness that characterizes the landlady and opens to the pool and courtyard, allowing a constant contact between the inside and outside.

Photography: Sharon Tzarfati, Hagar Doppelt

Main Materials