The company offices had an extremely small available space in its plan. It was clear that every corner should be utilized efficiently in such a way as to allow each employee his personal quiet space while maintaining contact with the common area and allowing natural sunlight to penetrate the entire space. By properly planning and redistributing the space and location of its various functions we have been able to create a spacious, bright and efficient office space where contrasts of transparency and concealment balance out. We divided the space into small personal working spaces overlooking the common area through glass walls. Black glass profile partitions allowed us to create privacy for each employee without losing the open and illuminated sense of space. As a continuation of the clean geometric design, we added the use of essentially hot materials – smoked wood parquet, rust-brown wall cladding and gold touches. All of these together create a bright and inviting office space, intimate and prestigious, in which the feeling of privacy and openness is harmonized.

Photography: Maya Lapid

Main Materials